South India Travel

India's Great Divide is the Vindhya Mountains. They run from east to west, separating the fertile river valley of the Ganges called the Ganga, from the Deccan Plateau which occupies much of the peninsula of India. It also separates the north, where the predominant languages are Sanskrit - based (brought in by the Indo Iranian herds people about 3,500 years ago), from the Dravidian tongues brought in by a long headed race from the Mediterranean about a thousand years earlier. The South India's coastal plains are backed by the mountains rimming the wedge of the Deccan plateau. On these plains lie the best beaches in South India. On the rimming mountains, the western and eastern ghats are the tea, coffee and spice lands. Beyond these mountains, in the wedge shaped plateau, are great old cities supported by rich farm lands and a culture that has its roots in the almost historical Kumari Continent from where, they claim, civilization spread across the world. The south is gracious, graceful, Old India.

Itineraries Which Includes the Above Mentioned States.
South India Travel Packages

» UI 06 - Sun Temple
Duration : 4 Nights ( for the whole year )
Destinations : Bhubneshwar- Konark - Puri

» UI 06A. - Tribal Orrisa
Duration : 8 Nights ( from Octuber to April )
Destinations : Puri - Tapta Pani - Rayagada - Jeypore - Vishakhapatnam - Hyderabad - Bombay (Extension to UI 06)

» UI 08 - Karnataka
Duration : 4 Nights ( for the whole year )
Destinations : Bangalore - Mysore - Hassan - Belur - Halebid - Sravanbelgola - Bangalore

» UI 08A. - Vijaynagar
Duration : 4 Nights ( for the whole year )
Destinations : Hassan - Hospet - Hampi - Badami - Patadkal - Aiohle - Goa (Extension to UI 08)

» UI 08B. - Tea, Coffee & Spice Trial
Duration : 7 Nights ( for the whole year )
Destinations : Mysore - Bandipur - Ooty - Munnar - Periyar - Kumarakom - Alleppey - Cochin (Extension to UI 08)
» UI 09 - Chola Empire
Duration : 6 Nights ( for the whole year )
Destinations : Madras - Kanchipuram - Mahabalipuram - Tanjore - Trichy - Madurai - Madras

» UI 09A. - Back Waters
Duration : 4 Nights ( for the whole year )
Destinations : Madurai - Periyar - Kumarakom - Alleppey - Cochin (Extension to UI 9)

» UI 09B. - Kettuvalom Boat/ House Boat
Duration : 2 Nights ( from September to April )
Destinations : Cochin-Quilon - Alleppey - stay at Rice Boat of Kerala - Trivandrum (Extension to UI 9)

» UI 10 - Nizams & Hoysala Architecture
Duration : 10 Nights ( for the whole year )
Destinations : Bombay - Hyderabad - Bijapur - Badmi - Hampi - Hospet - Mysore - Bangalore - Bombay

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