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21. Sikkim Travel
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... the monastery of Chhofuk in Tibet. DARJEELING : Nestled in the Himalayas, approx. 700 kms from Calcutta, at 2134 metres, Darjeeling surrounded by tea plantations is one of the most popular ...
22. Indian Mountains
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... which remain covered with snow during most of the year. June to mid-September are the months when trekking is possible in most of the trekking regions in India. Sikkim Ladakh Garhwal  ...
23. India Train Tours
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... and discovering the simple pleasure of life. The most pleasant mode of traveling through India is by Train. The Indian Railways : the second largest railway system in the world, has over 62,300 ...
24. UI 02 - Golden Triangle Travel
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... breakfast drive to Agra. After arrival visit to Most beautiful mausoleum and one of the Wonders of the world Taj Mahal and Agra Fort, the residence of Mughals. Afternoon at shopping.Overnight ...
25. UI 24 - Rajasthan Wildlife Holiday Tour
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... remains of the Kalchin period and numerous prehistoric caves. Day 05 : Bandhavgarh Full day excursion at Bandhavgarh National Park. Most visitors to Bandhavgarh enthuse about the elephant ...
26. UI 25 - Wild Life Holidays in India
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... The Ranthambhore National Park has had more Tiger sightings than any other National Park in the country. It has come to be known as "The land of the Tiger", where most of the documented footage ...
27. Rajasthan Camel Safari Travel
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Camel Safari is one of the unique way to explore small villages in Rajasthan. Camel Safaris at the top of this ship of the desert is most exciting and soft adventure. Riding a camel is not easy as people ...
28. North India Tourism
The North India, strategically, most important part of India has shaped the course of India's historical and cultural evolution over the last 3500 years. The three main religions - Hinduism, Buddhism and ...
29. South India Travel
... are great old cities supported by rich farm lands and a culture that has its roots in the almost historical Kumari Continent from where, they claim, civilization spread across the world. The south ...
30. East India Tourism
... in early 20th century. Assam, the largest and most easily accessible of the north-east states, Assam grows 60 percent of India's tea and produces a large proportion of India's oil as well. The ...
31. West India Travel
... Harappan culture survived here for over five centures after it was destroyed in Sind and Punjab. The ancient port of Lothal excavated recently has been identified as one of the most important ...
32. Central India
... possess almost intriguing, the spectacular temples at Khajuraho known world over for their sheer beauty and masterpiece of art work on stone and erotic figures running through a whole Kamasutra. ...